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Wind Ventilator

We Ambica Engineering Works are top manufacturers and exporters of Wind Ventilator which operates on Air roof Ventilator technology. Wind Ventilator uses energy created by wind velocity and and follows science of centrifugal action . Using the spinning vanes, Wind Ventilator creates a low pressure region which gets the air out using the turbine. The pushed out air is replaced by fresh air which decreases the temperature and keep the area cool. The wind pressure makes the Wind Ventilator top spin and through out the hot air from the area. Our Wind Ventilators are designed in such a way that even when wind speeds is very slow, it will use fly wheel effect of the rotor cage and maintain the fresh air flow. Our Wind Ventilator are widely accepted in industrial sheds, factories, ware houses and workshops. We are among the top Wind Ventilator Manufacturers and Wind Ventilator Exporters. We believe in delivering excellent quality.

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